27 May, 2024

PECO Energy Rates – How to Lower Your PA Electric and Natural Gas Rates

With deregulation in Pennsylvania, millions of residential and commercial customers now have the option to choose their own energy supplier. This choice gives consumers the opportunity to lower PA electric rates, as well as lowering PA natural gas rates. It also gives them the flexibility to choose a plan that works best for their needs and budget.

PECO customers that do not specify a provider pay the default rate set by PECO. This rate is determined through auctions that take place twice a year and covers four delivery periods. By shopping for a competitive supply plan with a quality supplier such as Shipley Energy, PECO customers can save money on their electric bill.

In addition to offering a variety of electricity and natural gas plans, Shipley Energy offers affordable rates for residents in PECO’s service area. By using PA PowerSwitch, the free online tool created by the state’s public utility commission, homeowners can easily compare plans and find the best rates for their specific homes and businesses. Once a customer has selected a plan, the new supplier contacts the local utility company on behalf of the consumer and the switch happens automatically during the next meter read date. Unlike some suppliers, there is no need for the consumer to schedule a visit from a technician and there is no interruption in service.

Whether you are looking for the best PECO energy rates or want to save money on your electricity bills, you can begin shopping at PA PowerSwitch by entering your zip code. The website will give you a list of all the approved options for your home or business, including plans from Shipley Energy and many other providers. Each offer on the site is compared apples-to-apples against PECO’s price to compare, so you know what you are getting into before making your decision.

Besides offering great electricity and natural gas rates, PECO prides itself on providing reliable services to its customers. The company has an emergency response team that can respond to any call of a gas leak or downed line quickly. It also invests in community initiatives such as arts, education and neighborhood development to help the area thrive. The company is committed to advancing smart energy by using innovative approaches that improve reliability for customers in its service areas and continues to be a leader in community involvement. It serves more than 1.6 million electric and 515,000 natural gas customers throughout southeastern Pennsylvania. Customers can contact the company’s customer service department through a variety of methods, such as online, by telephone or in person at their offices. They can also access important information regarding outages, billing and other relevant topics. In addition, PECO provides a convenient way to make payments online and report issues.

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