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External Length (m) 2.87
External Base Width (m) 2.21
External Roof Width (m) 2.29
External Height (m) 2.26
Internal Length (m) 2.79
Internal Width (m) 2.13
Internal Height (m) 2.10
Door Width (m) 1.25



4m x 3m container  (hinged from the top) fitted to the 3m side. This hatch can be positioned on either of the long sides to meet your requirements.

Each part of the unit can be moved with 4 strong people. This saves on expensive specialist crane transport if you need to move the unit from time to time whether its between events, or between seasons.

It’s small enough to be loaded and moved on a small car trailer.

4m x 3m container

The unit is ideal for use as a serving unit at events, festivals or any business for short term needs. It’s also well suited for longer term uses, where either or both the interior and exterior can be fitted out and clad for use.

Currently with the need for social distancing it’s a great way to protect and separate you and your team in a wide range of uses.

Shelving options available at additional cost.

4m x 3m container KIOSK BENEFITS

  • Fully galvanised body
  • Man-portable unit
  • Easily demounted and moved
  • Ideal for use in areas restricted by low or weak bridges
  • Ideal for use with poor ground conditions, e.g. mud (as at many festivals)

This kiosk is available for sale and delivery throughout the UK.

A larger 4m kiosk is also available.

This flatpack kiosk is also available in Grey RAL7015


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